Our Mission

Prism Institute is devoted to illuminating the spectrum of human identity and transforming perceptions about LGBT+ persons to enrich individuals, institutions, and communities. Our goal is to move others beyond tolerance and acceptance to a place of affirmation. Prism is founded on the integration of academia, education, activism and psychology.

Helping people become aware of the ways our society and institutions oppress, undervalue and harm LGBT+ people is central to my life purpose. If our trainings can open people’s hearts and minds to a more inclusive and affirming perspective then we will have achieved our goal.
— Linda K. Reeves, Co-Founder, Prism Institute
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There are very few things in life more rewarding than watching individuals, previously uninitiated to the wonderful diversity of the LGBT+ identity spectrum, awaken to a new state of understanding that we are all worthy of love, curiosity and respect.
— Andrew Merrell, Co-Founder, Prism Institute