Our Mission:


We work to infuse compassionate understanding of the unique needs, challenges and perspectives of LGBT+ individuals leading to cultural transformation and creation of supportive academic, healthcare, business, civic and other environments. 


Our Mission

Prism Institute is devoted to illuminating the spectrum of human identity and transforming perceptions about LGBT+ persons to enrich individuals, institutions, and communities.

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Prism Institute is founded on the principle of transformation which distinguishes its work from other affirmative training and education companies that espouse strategies of tolerance. The dramatic statistics on LGBT+ bullying, substance abuse, self-harm and suicide tell a story about societal oppression and discrimination that is as insidious as it is pervasive, potent and persistent. 


felt unsafe at school

Of transgender students felt unsafe at school because of their gender expression ~ GLSEN 2015 School Climate Survey



experienced workplace discrimination

Of LGBT workers have experienced workplace discrimination. ~ The Williams Institute



more likely to attempt suicide

Lesbian, gay and bisexual youth are four times more likely, and questioning youth are three times more likely, to attempt suicide as their straight peers.


Our Programs

Our work fosters increased awareness and imparts understanding of the unique lived experiences of the LGBT+ population. This shift in perspective is the key to transforming the environment into one that can systemically embrace and affirm all individuals.


Prism Institute is....

A catalyst

Prism is a catalyst. Fundamental to the work of Prism Institute is the delivery of dynamic in-person trainings and interactive education seminars. Prism’s presentations enlighten and enrich audiences of all sizes, backgrounds, biases and perspectives.


Prism is a consultancy; providing personal, institutional, political and corporate clients with access, information, insights, guidance and strategies for navigating the LGBT+ world, improving business performance and mitigating compliance risk. 

collaborative partner

Prism is a collaborative partner. Prism customizes its programs and presentations to meet organizational specifications and positively alter environments of influence. Prism is highly effective, while remaining unintrusive to the traditional institutional architecture. 


Prism is a facilitator; of connections, referrals, support groups and focus groups.  We unite LGBT+ community members and straight allies in a range of ways to achieve their unique goals and foster growth experiences that are in alignment with our mission.

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“Prism Institute is an invaluable resource that opened our eyes, hearts and minds to the lived experience of our LGBT students and staff. Andrew and Linda armed all of us with tools and techniques to best address the LGBT community in our school systems. When they finished, the participants didn’t want them to leave!” 

– Tara Brown, Director of Student Services, Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District